About me

My name is Jordi Casacuberta Puig. I am an aeronautical engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia with a MSc of aerodynamics and wind energy in TU Delft. I am interested in fluid mechanics and OpenFOAM, and for this reason I carried out this project. I am currently carrying out a PhD in Numerical Aerodynamics and Laminar-Turbulent Transition at TU Delft. More can be found in:


I decided to share the OpenFOAM guide with all of you, aiming to help beginners overcome the initial OpenFOAM difficulties and make start-up easier.

Thus, the purpose of this website is to help all those who wish to introduce themselves to OpenFOAM and hence want to acquire a basic background to face with future and thrilling cases. 




My other passions are sport, history, travelling and Nietzsche.